Scenarex is a Montreal-based start-up founded in 2015, born out of a passion for literature, sharing and technology. Using blockchain technology, our goal is to create flexible, user-friendly, non-restrictive solutions that will benefit the evolution and development of the digital publishing industry.

We aim to provide publishers and content creators with innovative and effective tools, allowing them to manage their digital files and protect their content against piracy and theft, without compromising their accessibility or impeding their impact on the public.

We work with blockchain technology because of its flexibility, its transparency and its security. We strongly believe in making our digital rights solutions available to everyone, which is why we have built them so that they can be used without any cryptocurrency.


Simon-Pierre Marion

President & Founder

Christine Joly

Strategic Director

Steve Breault

Technology Director @whyisthosething

Me. Agathe Cavanagh

Legal Director